No Commissions

Street Smart Financial does not accept payments of any kind from any product or service provider.

Specifically, that means:

  • No commissions from insurance companies
  • No loads or 12(b)1 fees from mutual fund companies
  • No “soft dollar” services from broker-dealers
  • No commissions from variable annuity or equity indexed annuity providers

As a result, Street Smart Financial has no incentive to recommend a mutual fund, a broker-dealer, an annuity or an insurance policy because of commissions we will earn for recommending it.

Street Smart Financial, LLC is a member of NAPFA, the national fee-only organization for personal financial advisors, relies solely on the fee-only model for compensation. We do not receive any commissions, bonuses, or other incentives. In this way, we avoid any conflicts of interest. Our income is derived solely from our clients whose goals and financial needs are our foremost concerns.

Any referrals made in areas such as insurance, estate planning, mortgage, and other financial areas are made with no referral fees given to Street Smart Financial, LLC.