Why Choose Street Smart?

Street Smart Financial is an independent, registered investment advisory firm located in Lexington, Massachusetts. We help clients develop and implement a comprehensive financial strategy. Our fee-only personal approach can help you achieve your financial goals. We do not receive any commissions for any products or referrals.

Our Perspective
We take a multi-disciplinary approach to planning and investing. Our president’s background in psychology helps us better understand our clients’ values, financial needs and goals. His background in strategic planning helps us develop various scenarios which must be considered.

Our president’s background as an educator helps him demystify the financial jargon and educate clients about their own personal financial situations. We apply the same care and attention to our client’s investment portfolio as we do to our own portfolios.

Our Approach
A thorough understanding of each client enables us to determine how much risk they are willing to take for a certain level of return. We consider each clients employment and financial situation before developing specific investment strategies and portfolios. A clients’ personal situation can change and we revise their portfolios to reflect this.

We employ a “Tactical Asset Allocation” when investing. This means that some asset classes can be weighted differently from the overall market depending on the perceived opportunities. We combine low-cost index funds or exchange-traded funds with select no load (no commissions) active funds that meet our criteria. We pay particular attention to economic trends and follow an approach that structures a global, well-diversified portfolio.