Only Half of People Stay Employed Through Their 50s. How to Prepare.
Barron’s, 6/24/23
Rand talks to clients frequently about their job security and how they would pay their bills if they lost their work. He advises clients how to best handle this situation.

The Power to Adapt
HumbleDollar, 4/4/23
We all have dreams and goals. But can we adapt when needed? Improve your flexibility quotient.

Here’s How to Handle a Bear in Retirement
Barron’s, 7/13/22
People facing retirement are concerned with sequence-of-return risk. Rand suggests how to best position portfolios facing these concerns.

Follow My Muse
HumbleDollar, 5/21/22
Everyone wants to follow their dreams and passions, but sometimes economic uncertainty, family pressures, or personal doubts can make it more complicated. Here’s the story behind Rand’s financial journey.

What to Tell Clients Who Want to Retire Now: Advisors’ Advice
ThinkAdvisor, 3/1/22
Rand explains current market volatility can be unnerving for people approaching retirement. Some clients prefer to work part-time to help with their cash flow.

Self-Dealing, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 9/3/21
Are there times when we waste too much energy in pursuit of a good deal?

Follow Your Passion, and the Money Will Follow
The Big Lie, 7/22/20
Rand is a guest on the podcast “The Big Lie.” He discusses why adaptability and resilience are needed in the pursuit of any passion.

Magnitude Matters, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 1/16/20
Why don’t we spend our time and energy on financial issues that have the greatest impact?

Bearing Gifts, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 12/24/19
Rand’s thoughts on making your charitable and other gifts more meaningful.

A Beginner’s Guide to Index Funds
Lifehacker, 12/2/19
Rand points out the advantages of broad domestic and international index funds.

Admission of Guilt, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 11/18/19
The college admissions scandal exposed an unsavory sense of entitlement among wealthy families. But there’s a silver lining. It makes for a great family discussion about money and success.

Have You Started Saving for Your Parents’ Old Age?
MarketWatch, 10/23/19
Intergenerational responsibility can be stressful. Rand comments on this challenge.

When a Mortgage is Part of Your Retirement Plan
The New York Times, 10/17/19
Paying down your mortgage before retiring can be the ultimate safe investment, but Rand does not advocate ignoring retirement plan opportunities.

Money + Mental Health: Supporting Young Adult Children, With Limits
The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, 10/9/19
Listen to Rand and Harvard psychology professor Dr. Ellen Braaten discuss strategies for families to consider when providing financial and emotional support.

How Successful Advisors Avoid Falling Into a Rut
Investor’s Business Daily, 9/23/19
Rand notes how his interest in diverse people and broadening his knowledge helps avoid complacency.

Life Support, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 9/3/19
Five strategies for parents to help adult children become financially independent.

Monthly Affliction, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 8/19/19
Automatic bill payments are convenient, but they can cause problems unless properly managed.

Self-Sabotage, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 7/8/19
Our egos can torpedo our investment decisions.

Human Factor, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 6/17/19
My biggest initial mistake as a financial planner: underestimating the power of emotions.

Why Wait?, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 6/7/19
The old adage says it’s never too late to change. Yet, once folks over age 50 decide they need to change careers, moving early has some key advantages.

Adult Kids’ Expenses: Which Should Parents Pay For?
Forbes, 5/12/19
Rand weighs in on what expenses might be appropriate to pick up.

Help Yourself, by Rand Spero
HumbleDollar, 5/10/19
Family members often look to me to “sort out” their financial problems. That’s no great surprise: I’m a fee-only financial planner. But I’ve resisted the “financial fixer” role.

What to Do If You Have to Retire Early
Kiplinger, 5/9/19
Life throws you a curveball, and you end up leaving the workforce earlier than planned. Rand suggests how to review your portfolio in this situation.

Long-term Disability 101
NAPFA Advisor, 5/1/19
Rand goes over best practices and pitfalls when purchasing disability insurance.

Everything You Need To Do Before You Retire
MarketWatch, 2/16/19
Rand explains how the first years of retirement can be challenging for couples as they jointly decide how to spend their retirement resources of time and money.

The Right Amount of Stocks to Own at Every Age
Money Magazine, 1/1/19
Rand provides a new approach that retirees can use to evaluate their appropriate asset allocation.

Financially Happy Ever After
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, 2/1/18
Rand highlights how couples can work together. He covers topics such as overcoming different risk tolerance levels when investing and compromising on certain priorities.

When Couples Have Different Financial Opinions
Investopedia, 6/27/17
Rand writes an article for Investopedia explaining why when offering financial advice to couples, it is important to recognize their differences.

Sustainable Income video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 5/22/17
Rand provides retirees investment recommendations to generate sustainable income during challenging times.

House Divided video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 5/9/17
Rand emphasizes that couples can acknowledge their financial differences and still work towards common goals.

Creative Retirement ‘Ins’ & ‘Outs’  video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 4/6/17
Rand suggests creative ways clients can manage their income and expenses in retirement.

Retirees Should Look Carefully Before Leaping Into a Relocation, 2/27/17
When relocating during retirement, Rand discusses key non-financial trade-offs to consider before making a leap.

Another Way Millennials Are Ruining Their Parents’ Retirement
Money Magazine, 2/10/17
Rand explains the benefits of having a frank financial discussion with adult children. When potential family trade-offs are involved, good planning helps everyone understand certain parameters.

The High Cost of Coping
Money Magazine, 12/1/16
Rand points out that families addressing a mental health crisis may need to deviate from their established financial plan.

Jittery Retirees  video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 9/6/16
In his experience, retirees may be less risk-tolerant and more “jittery” about their investment portfolio, says Rand.

Retirement Coverage  video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 8/15/16
Rand says retirees are often concerned about longevity, and their potential need for 30-plus years of financial “coverage.”

How Not to Get Blindsided by Costs in Retirement
Money Magazine, 8/1/16
Rand discusses the importance of planning for unanticipated expenses when preparing a retirement budget. He suggests being creative when exploring options and flexible when looking for new sources of revenue.

One in Three Americans Who Get an Inheritance Blow It
MarketWatch, 9/3/15
Rand explains that inheriting money can be an emotional experience that may result in ill-conceived actions. A beneficiary should take time to develop a systematic plan that is well thought out.

Why I’m an Advisor with Rand Spero  video-icon
Advisor Perspectives, 8/17/15
Rand discusses the personal reasons that led him to become a fee-only planner.

Active vs. Passive Investing  video-icon
Morningstar Investor Conference, 6/25/15
Rand is interviewed on the topic of active versus passive investing.

Three Things to Remember When Giving Money to Your Kids
MarketWatch, 5/9/15
Rand suggests parents consider meaningful ways to give children gifts during their lifetime that may not include a direct exchange of finances.

Unconstrained Bond Funds Are No Panacea For Rising Rates
Forbes, 12/17/14
Rand highlights some issues to consider before purchasing shares in unconstrained bond funds.

Don’t Give Gifts to Your Heirs Until You’ve Answered This Question
MarketWatch, 9/11/14
This article addresses the uncertainty of future health care costs and the potential impact on early financial gifting. Rand suggests that there can be creative gifting alternatives beyond simply providing money.

Sound Advice: Your Questions, Our Answers
Cancer Today, 6/27/14
It can be very stressful when the person responsible for family finances faces a cancer diagnoses. Rand explains how family members can best handle this difficult situation.

Got a Risky Job? Play it Safe with Your Nest Egg
MarketWatch, 5/7/14
Rand explains why incorporating an investor’s human capital and earnings stability should be part of an investment plan.

Ways to Avoid Making Mistakes with Donor-Advised Funds, 12/23/13
Rand is a big fan of using donor-advised funds for charitable giving. He highlights some mistakes people make when using them.

Living to 100? It’s More Likely Than it Sounds
MarketWatch, 11/22/13
Rand explains that people may live considerably longer than expected. He makes suggestions on how to successfully address possible longevity.

Adult Children Moving Back Home: The Boomerang Generation and the New Normal
Massachusetts General Hospital Clay Center, 9/23/13
Rand co-authored with Dr. Gene Beresin, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an article that deals with financial and social issues involved with adult children moving back home.

Holistic Financial Planning for Retirement
MarketWatch, 8/19/13
Rand explains that career and life transition discussions should be an essential part of any financial plan.

The Best Late-Life Careers Accommodate Aging Boomers
MarketWatch, 8/16/13
Rand emphasizes the need for baby boomer clients to focus on their career as part of their retirement planning.

Voices: An Interview with Rand Spero on Helping Young Clients Prioritize Savings
Wall Street Journal blog, 8/9/13
Rand emphasizes that young people can be overwhelmed by everything they “should” do related to financial options. He discusses the need to prioritize.

Safe or Sorry? Some Truths About Annuities: What You Need is Probably Not What Your Agent is Pushing
Consumer Reports Money Adviser, 6/1/13
Rand warns that many variable annuities are sold with hidden commissions, which make these purchases highly questionable.

Turning 50? Time for a Retirement Tuneup
MarketWatch, 6/11/13
Rand strongly advises 50 year olds to make retirement and career planning a priority, even though many have other demands on their time and money.

7 Ways to Turn $250,000 Into Retirement Income
US News and World Report, 3/29/13

Why Advisers Don’t Talk About Clients’ Careers – But Should
InvestmentNews (also in Bloomberg), 2/20/13
Rand explains why most advisors unfortunately avoid discussions about their clients’ careers. This topic should impact financial planning and investing decisions.

Boomer Moms, Here’s A Radical Idea
Financial Security Project at Boston College: Squared Away Blog, 10/11/12
Rand emphasizes the need for boomer women to understand all aspects of their family’s finances. There is no benefit for them to remain mystified about investments and future plans.

Couples’ Rifts Increase With Age
Financial Security Project at Boston College: Squared Away Blog, 5/31/12
Rand explains that for most young couples, their most important monetary asset is future work-related earnings. Both partners must address competing demands in their careers.

Fund Industry Intelligence Advisor Forum
Rand sees the advantage of holding low-cost index funds, however in selective situations he suggests using some actively managed funds.

What New Parents Need to Know About Money
Wall Street Journal, 3/10/12
Rand highlights the need to investigate various child care options and associated costs before the baby is born.

Consider Saving Before Paying Off Student Loans
Chicago Tribune, 11/18/11
Rand emphasizes that job stability is a factor that should be considered.

Job Risk Dictates Rainy Day Fund Size
Financial Security Project at Boston College: Squared Away Blog, 11/1/11
Rand notes that emergency fund recommendations must take into account individual circumstances. Variations in job security and income impact what is appropriate.

For Richer or Poorer…Hey! Poor Isn’t an Option Darling, 8/30/11
Rand comments on how market volatility and competing financial demands make discussions for couples even more challenging and important.

Come on Gen X, Take Some Chances
Wall Street Journal, 6/20/11
This article suggests that younger adults are making cautious investment decisions. Rand explains how concerns about their careers as well as a volatile market shape this attitude.

Advisors Try to Keep Heirs Hope in Check
Financial Advisor, 1/17/11
Many clients’ children overestimate how much financial support they will be receiving from their parents. Rand advises parents to have candid financial discussions with their adult children to avoid this confusion.

Voices: Rand Spero on Client’s Income Volatility
Wall Street Journal blog, 10/8/10
Rand explains why clients’ income volatility must be taken into account when deciding their personalized investing and spending guidelines.

Wealthy Delay Retirement But Remain Market-Shy
Wall Street Journal, 10/6/10
Rand notes that older clients remain concerned with the stock market even if they are still working and receiving a pay check.

Getting Them When They are Young
Wall Street Journal, 9/20/10
Rand indicates why career consultation and financial planning for younger workers should be integrated together.

5 Ways to Invest Globally
Smart Money magazine cover article, 8/1/10
In this article Rand discusses how to incorporate a global perspective when considering currencies.

Financial Advisors Spending More Time on Clients’ Kids
Financial Advisor magazine, 5/28/10
Rand notes that parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s finances.

That an ETF is Commission Free Doesn’t Make it Cheaper, Advisers Say
Investment News, 2/7/10
Rand advises investors to look beyond the offer of free commissions.

Advisers Warn Clients to Watch Out for Haiti Scams
Investment News, 1/18/10
Rand suggests researching a charitable contribution much like an investment.

Advice on Borrowing Money From Parents
Chicago Tribune, 1/3/10
Rand advises creating a financial plan to pay off debts and to create a more mature relationship between parents and children.

Bets on Dollars Demise Go Away
Market Watch, 12/17/09
Rand indicates how to use currency ETFs to diversify cash positions in a client’s portfolio.

Donor Spotlight
Greater Boston Food Bank, 11/1/07
Rand gives an example of how he evaluates a charitable organization.