Financial Crossroads

The Financial Crossroads podcast – Rand Spero captures stories on how people make life and financial decisions during periods of transition.

A Russian Immigrant’s Journey to Find a Home, 9/17/20

Irina Morrison studied and worked on three continents. She faced career and financial challenges that would have overwhelmed most people. Listen to her inspiring story.

Smooth Transitions to Encore Career with Kevin Dorr, 9/3/20

Kevin Dorr, a successful direct sales manager, saw the need for a late career transition. Then years later, he was unexpectedly forced to face a second career transition at an age many people retire. Hear how Kevin makes decisive moves at times when other people might get stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

Spring Cleaning with Todd Feigenbaum, 8/18/20

An owner of a dry cleaning business shares his pandemic responses.

Can a small business owner of a 103 year old family dry cleaning chain handle another pandemic (the first pandemic hit them in 1918)? For many customer contact businesses, all the established rules of business interactions have changed. How did he adapt and plan for the future?