Investment Management

We manage our clients’ investment portfolios and provide ongoing investment advisory services which include:

Asset Allocation

  • Develop an investment strategy that meets your goals
  • Diversify your portfolio taking into consideration your risk tolerance
  • Employ cost effective investment instruments

Tax Efficiency

  • Build your portfolio with tax consequences in mind
  • Manage portfolio gains and losses on annual basis

Monitoring and Rebalancing

  • Monitor your portfolio making adjustments when necessary
  • Rebalance your portfolio when necessary due to life changes and events

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Financial Planning

Street Smart’s financial plans address the following areas:

Retirement Considerations

  • Clarify goals and lifestyle
  • Determine sources of income and cash flow needs
  • Provide retirement projections and tax implications

Cash Flow Management Considerations

  • Project cash flow needs
  • Determine required savings and investment levels

Education Funding Considerations

  • Discuss funding and saving options

Insurance Considerations

  • Evaluate existing policies (such as disability, long-term care, property and casualty, and life insurance…etc.)
  • Adjust coverage and assess future insurance needs

Estate Planning Considerations

  • Review tax consequences of current estate structure
  • Analyze documents, deeds and beneficiary designations
  • Coordinate and plan with estate attorney

Hourly Financial Consultation

Financial planning on specific issues or concerns is available on an hourly basis.